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Meet Stephney

Hi! I am an adventure seeking, pizza loving photographer based in Chicago. I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead (got my mom hooked and I even surprised her by taking her to a convention for her birthday), Grey's Anatomy, Forensic Files, and Game of Thrones. Side note, The Alcazar in Spain was a filming location in GOT and the most STUNNING place I've ever been to. If I lived in Seville, I would go there. Every. Single. Weekend.
I specialize in wedding photography, but also do portraits, concerts, and events. My goal is to make your images come to life and make you feel exactly like how you felt when the photo was taken.
If you're interested in hiring me for a wedding, let's chat over a cup of coffee (or even better, pizza) so I can get to know you and your significant other better. If you live far, we can still talk over a cup of coffee or pizza in the comfort of our own homes over Skype. I look forward to meeting you!
Some more random facts:
  • I am Assyrian and can speak it well. I also know some Spanish.
  • I am the media director for the amazing missionary organization in Haiti called 509 Quest
  • My bucket list consists of traveling to all 50 states (half way there!) Note that if you have a wedding in a state I have yet to go to, your travel fees will be WAIVED!

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